Avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman

Retired U.S Army

Hunting Education Instructor

Bowhunter Instructor

30 years of hunting experience

Committed to  increasing diversity in hunting

Favorite game to hunt:  Ducks, upland bird, turkey, deer, hog, and bear.






3 yr old  Chesapeake Bay Retriever

AKC registered, HRC registered, American Chesapeake Club registered

***Available for stud service***

Comes from Champion and Master Hunter pedigrees

Favorite game to hunt: Quail, pheasants, ducks.


You’ll enjoy hunting with Razor.  He lives for the hunt and has been proving himself in the field since he retrieved his first limit of ducks at the age of 5months old!  Chesapeakes, or Chessies as they are sometimes called, are known for their ruggedness and toughness as a retriever of waterfowl,  but Razor is equally gifted on upland birds.  He may or may not be a show dog or a field trial dog but he can hold his own as a solid hunting dog.

Probably the only Chesapeake Bay Retriever in America being used as an upland bird dog, Razor will go through hell or high water, and sticker briar bushes , to find and retrieve birds for you.

Razor is desperately looking for a girlfriend so if you have a female Chesapeake Bay Retriever that you are considering breeding, Razor would like to throw his name in the hat as an eligible bachelor.